Self promotion project

One project which we are working on in digital design is a method of self-promotion. This is a way to present ourself, our inspirations and also our work to other people who are within the creative industry. This is me. Feel free to comment. And enjoy!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

My Photography

So one thing I love to do in my spare time : Photograph everything...
I've never actually had any really training with photography it's always just been something that I really enjoy. I often find myself photographing the most random things, close-up or from a random perspective. Sometimes, with my photography it take you a while to realise the actual intention of the photo but if i think its beautiful ill snap away- sometimes taking a hand full of photos of the same thing, just so I get the perfect shot.


  1. wow these are amazing.
    my one regret in my life is not learning photography.
    spose there's no reason why i cant start now..